If you are intended to find some technical CRM content on this blog, this is where you should stop reading my today’s blog entry because the post is headed in a different direction.

Today I am focusing on a very important aspect regarding CRM implementations which is often overlooked, which is about the importance of mind-set in CRM career based on my personal experiences

and people I have seen or worked with in the industry.

My software development career began about 10 years ago (8 years of full time and 2 years part time).

Starting young at 18 has lot of benefits but also mistakes which help in learning and adapting.

But only in about the last 4 years did I really start to see a large boost in my CRM development career.

Here are some of the things I wish I would have known when I got started in the software development industry, things that would have made me more successful, much earlier, if I would have known them.

· There are no absolute right ways to do things in CRM development

I often see people, both in studying and arguing since early on in my career, falsely believing there was an absolute “right way” for many aspects of CRM development.

It turns out that just about everything I once thought was the most right way about CRM development at some point turned out to be wrong for some different scenario.


· Community is extremely important in your CRM development career

To grow in the CRM industry and to truly understand the depth and extent of different scenarios, to meet likeminded and different minded brains, the most important help you can get in CRM world is communities.

Blogging, doing open source tools, webinars, conferences, being a speaker or a listener at CRM community events gives you experiences to develop sound understanding.


· Choosing the right managers and companies is always important

To grow in the CRM industry or any other industry, having right managers and companies is extremely important. One of the thing I learnt is if the company tells you certain thing but heads you in another direction,

it is not the right company to grow.

Choosing right company and managers is very important and adjusting is the key to grow!


Hope it helped, Happy CRMing!

Note: IF you could relate to some of the above, do let me know on comments!



  1. Hi Deepesh,

    I understand your point of view, however I do think that any career depends on the subject (us) and, even though, I agree a 100% with the first part of what you’ve written above, I have to slightly disagree with the second part. Why? Because I truly believe that it’s our responsibility, after reaching a certain degree in our professional career, to evaluate correctly the companies and their staff before we joined them (in my opinion interviews work both ways). As someone once said “Bein’ humble don’t work as well as bein’ aware” 🙂

    It’s common to find managers or people running companies that don’t have a comprehensive view/understanding of the IT market/business – I’m not even talking about the technical side of things -, specially when their background is from an environment with a poor or inexistent IT culture (this does not apply only to the “Dynamics family”). And unfortunately, one cannot simply share or discuss any idea with whoever does not have that “sensibility” regarding certain matters.

    In the meantime, I still believe there are a lot of enthusiastic people out there to work with, great companies to join as well as amazing to be germinated in the Dynamics world, specially in the CRM/xRM one.

    Keep CRMing, bruh!

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