Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Call CRM 2013 Modal window for webresources

we had requirement to implement CRM 2013 look alike modal window for some webresources. Following code can do the needful:

var DialogOption = new Xrm.DialogOptions;
DialogOption.width = 500; DialogOption.height = 420;
Xrm.Internal.openDialog(“Web Resource path”,
null, null,
function CallbackFunction(returnValue){ }

In our case, we needed custom UI like below:


Hope it helps!


12 thoughts on “Call CRM 2013 Modal window for webresources”

  1. Hi, using the above approach, do you get any issue opening the webresource on an IFD CRM 2013. Works for OnPrem, but get a 500 error when IFD

  2. Hi deepesh, is there a way to pass custom parameters via url to the webresource which you are trying to open in the modal window?

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