{QUICK TIP} KNOW YOUR CRM Online Resource Usage!

In CRM Online there is a unique way to find CRM Resource Usage:

· Storage

· Custom Entities(are limited to 300)

· Workflows and Dialogs (are limited to 200)

There are limits to each one in CRM Online, so be careful!

In terms of Navigation, Go to Settings-> Administration -> Resources in Use


Hope it helps!


7 thoughts on “{QUICK TIP} KNOW YOUR CRM Online Resource Usage!

  1. The caveat is that you can submit a support request to increase the entity limit to greater than 300. The highest setting I’ve seen is 500 or 600, but then again if you are hitting the default limit you have to question the system design.

  2. Hi Deepesh,
    Surprisingly I am not able to see the Resources in Use option when I navigate thru it. Am I missing something?

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