{No Code Way} Change Poll options for a specific PowerApps Portal page

Polls are a great feature in PowerApps portals. However, I have seen them utilized in less scenarios.

They are a great way to increase interaction on your portals.

In one of my recent PowerApps portal projects there was a requirement to change the poll for a specific portal page. Here is the current look and feel of the portal page, notice the poll question available on multiple pages of the portal:



Now let us make the changes to fit our requirement.

Step 1: In order to do this, first we need to Navigate to Polls and click on New:


Step 2: Fill in the relevant Poll question as below and click save:


Step 3: Navigate to options and fill in relevant options one after the other:


Step 4: First part is now completed. Now let us see how to place this Poll specifically where we want. For this we need to create a new Poll Placement as below. Navigate to Poll placement and create new one. Here fill the right Portal name and Web Template name (this should be the one your portal page uses):


Step 5: Keep the Poll placement name from last step copied : ”ContactUsPoll”. Next we need to edit the web template. Liquid template knowledge helps here. However, we will just be editing a Poll name. Locate the Web Template named Contact Us and edit the tag as below:


Now let us see the output.

Let us first navigate to our Contact us page to see that now we have a new poll placed here:


Now let us go and see other portal pages:


Thus the poll was added to the specific page we intended.

What is the learning: Try to utilize low code way wherever possible.

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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