{Power 2020 Tip# 6} Adding a PowerApp to Microsoft Teams

Certain times we want to empower users to utilize PowerApps right from the Microsoft Teams. With Blog 6 of the series Power 2020, let’s go through how we can achieve this:

Navigate to the Apps section and select Add to Teams option by expanding the Menu under …(three dots)


Click on the Download App button on the right pop-up menu that appears:


A zip file will be downloaded for your App, next Navigate to Microsoft Teams:


Note: You need appropriate privileges to do this. In case you don’t have the right privilege, you will not see the option to Add custom app as described below.

Under Microsoft Teams login, Select Apps and then click on Upload a custom App option:


Here upload the zip file which was exported from Apps area in PowerApps. Once done, The app will be available as below:


In the next step click on the App, In the Popup window click on Add:


Now you can use your App right from Microsoft Teams:



Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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