{Error Resolution}CRM Organisation is not configured to open Learning path tool in Dynamics 365

Learning path configured for one of our customer instances started giving the error that CRM organisation is not configured to open Learning path tool:


The configuration which we verified and performed are mentioned below:

1. Settings –> Administration –> System Settings.  On the General tab, Set Enable Learning Path = Yes and Enable Learning Path Authoring = Yes.

2. After that, for individual user Enable/Disable by Settings -> Opt out of Learning path/Opt In of Learning Path.

3. In Office 365 Admin portal ,

Groups -> Selected Learning Path Authors -> Members ->Clicked on Add Members button at the top -> Selected the users

This did not  solve the problem for us. So, we ended up contacting MS support.

Solution Given by MS Support:

Unser Settings-> Administration-> System settings.On the General tab, click on No for Use Custom Help for Customizable entities.

This worked and I was able to operate Learning path.


Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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