{Quick Tip}QR Code Reader using Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a new feature which you might have read about: A BAR code scanner visual control.

However, there is another hidden gem of this control. Lets see it in action:

· Adding a single line of text field called QR Demo to Account entity:


· Drag the field on the form and Select controls tab, Barcode scanner:


· Select the control and select Barcode scanner for Tablets and Phones:


· Click Ok, Save and Publish the field and customizations. Next we move to Dynamics CRM App for Phone:

QR Code Reader in Action:

· Following QR code is available to scan:


· Open the Dynamics 365 Phone App, select the QR demo field and tap highlighted icon:


· QR code scanner will open up:


· Code is now scanned and filled into the field:


Great stuff, isn’t it. Go try it out yourself.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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6 thoughts on “{Quick Tip}QR Code Reader using Dynamics 365

  1. Hi Deepesh,

    What Version Of D365 are you using? I just tried on our “( (DB” environment. I only have the Input Mask and Auto complete Controls. Thanks for always having such awesome content.

    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your comments, Appreicate it.

      This solution is working on: Version 1612 ( (DB online

      Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!
      Thanks and Regards,

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