5 ridiculous Questions ever asked to me on Dynamics CRM in interviews and by clients

This entry is technical in nature as well as a funny one. It is a collection of 5 funniest questions I have been asked during my CRM interviews or by clients.

Funny 1. How do you edit a record in CRM Grid in CRM 2011?

Answer time. I was taken dumb stuck on this one:


There were no editable grids like Product Grid in CRM 2011. The fact was cleared later, it was some Jquery editable grid sold to the company and interviewer thought that CRM grids are editable in nature.

Funny 2. Do you have 10+ years experience on Dynamics CRM?

Answer time. I answered which version of Dynamics CRM are you talking about. Microsoft CRM 1.0 was launched in January 2003 and I did not enter engineering college till then. I think interviewer missed the point here that each version of CRM brings different features and ways of implementation and it is more important to have current and latest versions in context on interview.

Funny 3. Why do you need unmanaged solutions for Development?

Answer time. I tried explaining to this client multiple times that there is no way that CRM development is always done in unmanaged solution. The client keep telling that the last partner always used Managed solution. Later, they discovered that unmanaged solutions are needed for development.

Funny 4. What is Extensions module of CRM?

Answer time. I answered XRM is not a module but the interviewer kept explaining how we can navigate to the Extensions area on his sitemap in CRM. This one tops my list of ridiculousness.

Funny 5. Why should CRM team control SQL instance of CRM on-premise?

Answer time. This was one of the clients who has in-house experts who didn’t understand that CRM SQL organisation is not to be altered with the SQL performance concepts. I explained to no avail, performance improvement indexes were deleted multiple times by the clients SQL experts. Naturally, performance degrades happened.

Hope it made you smile and Happy CRMing!


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