Configure Server Side Sync with Exchange Online for CRM Online

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Open the System User and assign the license for Exchange Online

Open the system user record and click on Open Mailbox to open user’s mail box.

Set Server Profile as Microsoft Exchange Profile and Server Side Synchronization or Email Router option for Incoming and Outgoing email.

Followed by

Approve Email command.

Followed by

Test and Enable Mailbox command

On successful configuration all the warnings will be gone

Go to Settings à Email Configuration

Click on Email Server Profiles

Select and open the already existing Email Server Profile i.e. Microsoft Exchange Profile.

Open Mailboxes and select Test and Enable Mailboxes to test the mail boxes of the user.

Create an email activity and send.

Open Outlook to verify.

Hope it helps..

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Plugin when a case (incident) is resolved in CRM 2013.

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To fire a plugin when an incident is resolved we need to register the plugin in

Close message for the incident entity.

And in the input parameters of the context we need to check for IncidentResolution.

This entity is a special entity that holds the information about the incident record that is being closed.

The sample plugin below gets the actual end attribute value of IncidentResolution and subtracts created on attribute value of Incident to get the duration and updates the duration (custom field) in the case being resolved.

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“Out of the Box” AND “Outside the box” in Dynamics CRM

When I started my CRM and .net journey about 7.5 years back, I was always wondering when people will say using out of the box feature.

I always kept thinking what people mean when they are referring this term. Then, recently in another discussion I got in terms with the same thing.

Basically, we CRM techies understand what we mean by out of box but for broader people in the business term doesn’t make the “literal” sense.


So, Out of box features in Dynamics CRM are basically all the system entities, sales process for instance, readymade forms, views, dashboards and

customizable options the CRM product gives.

Now, over time I have been hearing the term “outside of the box”, meaning a feature CRM product does not offer as it is installed

and we need to extend the functionality to achieve it by using extending features of CRM.


A very nice example is multi select checkbox on CRM forms.The key lies within the text that you used to coin the phrase:

“Out of the box” = turn-key, prefabricated.

“Outside the box” = non-traditional, unusual.

Hope it helps!