Get/Set currency field values in JavaScript for Dynamics CRM

I noticed a peculiar scenario today in which currency field value on CRM forms were not accessible using Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“Currency field name”).getValue() and Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“Currency field name”).setValue(Value)

The resolution is in such cases you can access currency fields in below manner:

// To get currency field“Currency field name”).getValue();

// To set currency field“Currency field name”).setValue(Value);


Hope it helps!

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13 thoughts on “Get/Set currency field values in JavaScript for Dynamics CRM

  1. Thank you for the post. When populating a Currency field in a CRM form, is there another attribute you have to set besides the .setValue?

  2. hello and thank you for the information,
    I am having the same problem but in Xml (or fetch xml ?) in CRM,

    I am extracting some information using a webgrid in that connects to CRM,

    all fields work fine, except the money field which instead of displaying the value, it displays: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Money …. I al using a sitesetting with the entity “incident”

    I tried .Value and lot of stuffs but nothing works so far, do you have an idea ?

    Thanks in advance.

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