Please follow the below steps to setup the SharePoint Integration:

  1. If your CRM organization has not deployed document management, when a CRM System Administrator logs in an alert message will be displayed to enable server-based SharePoint integration otherwise, user can go to Setting à Document Management à Click on Enable Server-based SharePoint Integration.


Note: If you don’t see the alert and have not previously enabled server-based SharePoint integration, clear your browser cache or open CRM using Internet Explorer with In-Private browsing to have the alert display again. Once you configure server-based integration, the alert will no longer appear.

  1. In the Enable Server-based SharePoint Integration alert click Enable Now to launch the Configuration Wizard.
  2. Enter the URL of your SharePoint site that you will use for auto folder creation, and then click or tap Next.


  1. The URL will be checked for being a valid SharePoint online site and for existing in the same Office 365 tenant as your CRM organization. After enabling server-based SharePoint integration you can’t go back to the previous client-side integration. Click or tap Next and then Finish



Note: After you enable server-based SharePoint the options to Install List Components and to enable server-based integration will no longer appear as an option in Document Management.

  1. If any of user sites are invalid, user cannot continue.


  1. Once server-based SharePoint integration is enabled you will need to enable the entities you want available for document management integration. Go to Settings à Document Management à Document Management Settings.
  2. Select the entities to be integrated with document management. Enter the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online URL, and then click or tap Next.


  1. This will validate the URL you entered as well as give you the option to base the folder structure on Account or Contact.


  1. On click on Next button à Alert message would be popup and click Ok


  1. Finally the wizard would show the status of Document Library Create Status:


  1. Browse to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online web application. Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM à Sales à Accounts
  2. Click or tap an account, such as the Adventure Works sample account.
  3. On the nav bar, click or tap the down arrow next to the account name, and then click or tap Documents.


  1. Click or tap Upload, and then browse to a document to upload to the new folder in your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Team site.


  1. The document is now part of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online documents list. To see the document in your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Team site, click or tap Open SharePoint.


The document is now in your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Team site.


  1. Great work – you have finished your SharePoint Integration with CRM 2013 Online (Leo)

Hope it helps!