Business Process Flow in CRM 2013: Basics

As per CRM SDK, A business process flow guides you through various stages in the business process, from start to finish. Each stage contains predefined, logically connected steps. Your paradigm changes from form-centric to processes-centric. You no longer need to remember all the forms you have to use and in which order. The process flow will tell you where you are in the process, where you came from, and what to do next. You are able to continuously monitor your own progress.

We will go through the steps required to create a Business Process Flow for Opportunity entity which are as follows:

1. Go to Settings –> Process. Click on new Process and select category as Business Process Flow. Fill in the details as per below

image and Click OK:


2.  A screen as below will appear in which we can specify various stages of Business Process Flow. Start editing by giving a new name for Stage (where marked as New Stage in the screen):


3. Start filling the Business Process stage as per below screen and mark required field as per below screens. Use + button next to Steps to add and pick attributes that you want to fill as part of the stage. Mark once required in the check box next to attribute:


4. Add multiple stages using the following button:


5. We will add New,Open and Closed stage for Opportunity:


6. Save and Close this Business Process and Activate it. It will be available in the Opportunity form now:


I will cover more on CRM 2013 Business Process and other features in coming posts.


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