{CRM 2016 Tips} Add Web Resources to Mobile and Tablet Forms in Dynamics CRM 2016

I just don’t keep getting tired of the number of hidden gems left by Microsoft to explore in CRM 2016.

Another one is the ability to finally have web resources available in the mobile and tablet forms.

Here I am taking a html web resource with a table to be put on Accounts form(Remember to check enable for tablets on web resource creation):


Next when you add it to form please follow the below screenshot(Enable for Tablets)


Here is a mock-up on Tablet entity.


Here is a mock up from Phone:


Known issues: Referred from MSDN

  • You can’t use popups for authentication or other purposes from within IFrames and web resources on CRM for tablets.
  • Authentication for embedded Office 365 sites isn’t available.
  • Errors and memory leaks in IFrames and web resources can cause CRM for tablets to malfunction and can cause client-side data loss.
  • Microsoft Silverlight and image web resources aren’t available on CRM for tablets.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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You can read more here:



7 thoughts on “{CRM 2016 Tips} Add Web Resources to Mobile and Tablet Forms in Dynamics CRM 2016

  1. This doesnt work on my CRM 2016! I have a HTML file that says Hello world and it does not show up on my Tablet. It shows up on my CRM.

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