{QUICK TIP}CLEARED MB2 706 Exam Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment

I cleared MB2 706 exam today. It was my free second shot in 2 days, first shot missed by 4 questions. Reason for that –

First of all the word Online in the exam name mislead me. I thought this was how to administer CRM using Office 365 and deploying services.

It wasn’t so. I believe the course content on Partner source and even training is not enough to have a crack at this exam.

I believe this is more realistic explanation for the sections.


Not breaking NDA, I would suggest to go deep into each content topic (Online is just 15-20% of it).

Give special work on all this, else it will prove the most difficult exam to clear.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


6 thoughts on “{QUICK TIP}CLEARED MB2 706 Exam Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment

  1. Congrats!

    I’ve done it a couple of months ago and I fill the same way as you do, what they say it is the exam about. It is a bit far way from we think, because it talks about somethings that for the “Online” we don’t think that is going to show up in the exam.

  2. MB2-706 is an atrocious exam. Given the shifting nature of requirements for online service offerings having about half of your questions based about what particular version of software (and patch level) is compatible with X feature when the test was written is absurd. As the author here says, up to a third of the questions on this exam are irrelevant to CRM online service offerings. I got a particular question about encryption (thankfully I knew the answer) which is completely irrelevant for an online deployment of CRM.

    One other thing, Microsoft provides a training exam geared toward this test. Expect it to cover only about 25% of the actual content of this exam. This one was clearly designed as a revenue stream.

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