{Quick Tip}The Art of Being an Agile CRM Consultant

We often keep talking about Agile methodologies and have been using them more recently.


Here are some quick characteristics to develop, to become effective Agile Consultant:


Clearly everyone associated with agile must be adaptable, since that is the essence of agility, according to the manifesto and those who promote it. 

The AGILE CRM consultant defines improvements to business processes, assists decision-makers in gathering information to make decisions along

with providing technical expertise.


The AGILE Consultant’s goal is to add value to the organization not only by technical means but also by solving business problems.


The AGILE Consultant challenges the business manager, sponsor, problem owner and users to define the real business problem behind the expressed “needs”

to ensure that the development done is solving the right problem, and not providing the right solution to the wrong problem.


The AGILE Consultant is a leader providing solutions to business problems and continuous improvement to the organization. This leadership factor is not

achieved through authority, but through influence and through facilitation, communication and technical depth.


Let’s face it, the agile software development team is focused on the technological issues of producing working software every two weeks. Granted, this

working CRM must be oriented toward the business because it must produce value to the business.


Pullan, Penny and Archer, James, “Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change”, Kogan-Page Limited, 2013
Highsmith, James, “Agile Software Development Ecosystems”, Addison-Wesley Publishers, 2002

Hope it helps!


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