Everybody is aware of Parature bringing in lot of enhancements for Dynamics CRM product bundle. Official integration directly into CRM is still awaited. I did my own research to find a list of what Parature bring under Dynamics CRM product bundle:

The Parature Portal gives customers the support and data centre they need on their schedules. This tool integrates to the organization’s existing website and gives users gold-standard web-based support flexibility.

Multi-channel Care

Customers are more connected and better informed than ever before. Organizations are looking for business solutions that can strengthen their ability to connect with customers on their own terms, using whatever device and whatever channel they prefer. Parature offers one of the best cloud-based solutions for customer self-service.

Parature Portal: a 24/7 customer support center that is seamlessly integrated into your organization’s current website. This web-based help center gives your customers easy and convenient access to an intuitive, searchable knowledge base which delivers quick answers to their most-commonly asked service and support questions. If your customers still require personal support after using the knowledge base, they can submit a help ticket, track its progress at their convenience and receive an automatic notification email when an answer is available for them.


Parature Mobile Self-Service: Allow your customers to access answers to frequently asked questions using whatever device they prefer. The responsive design of Parature Portal enables you to increase the reach of your knowledge management efforts and provide consistent and personalized experiences across desktop and mobile devices.


Parature Facebook Portal: provide businesses and organizations with a 24/7 multi-service channel for customer support on Facebook. Customers and consumers can browse FAQs and updates, or submit a help desk tickets. In addition, you can integrate Parature Live Chat seamlessly to deflect customer complaints and service issue posts on your brand’s Facebook page.


Parature Real-time Chat: provide your customers with instant and personalized online support with Parature Chat. Empowers your organization with an immediate, seamless transition from a self-service to assisted channel at critical times during the support interaction. Comprehensive rules for escalation, deflection and prioritization ensure a timely response and that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met.



Knowledge Management

Parature Knowledgebase: an intuitive customer self-service solution that provides quick answers to common questions and support issues, plus essential downloads including forms, how-to videos, product manuals, knowledge base information updates and more. Easily add and update information and customize its order and placement to put the most-viewed information in a prominent place.



Hope it helps!


4 thoughts on “Parature and DYNAMICs CRM: A MUCH NEEDED INTEGRATION

  1. Hey Deepesh…A Good post. Have a question on it. Parature has a self service portal, can that be integrated with Dynamics CRM ? If so, how is it done ?

  2. Hi.
    Currently I am exploring the trial version of Parature. When I try to create a new customer record the password field is missing. Without this I am unable to try out the customer login. Any idea on solving this?
    Is there any way I can check out the workflow of customer interacting with a CSR?


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