Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK (Preview) Available

A pre-release of the Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK is now available. This SDK has a version number of 7.0.a and you may download it here: Click here

What’s New

After you download and install the SDK, open the help file and navigate to this topic:

What’s new for developers

Developers will be able to leverage the following enhancements and new capabilities in this release:

  • Product catalog enhancements
  • Use hierarchical data
  • Apply hierarchical security models
  • Use calculated and rollup attributes created in Dynamics CRM
  • Write form scripts that interact with business process flows
  • Use field-level security with system entities
  • Create business rules instead of writing code
  • Add custom help content
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • New messages in the Organization web service
  • New messages in the Deployment web service
  • New entities
  • New privileges
  • New NuGet packages

Lots of new things to read and find. Hope it helps!


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