{Tips and Tricks}Show/Hide Business Process Flow in CRM 2013 Form

Often, there is a case on CRM 2013 form, when we want to utilize the UI area for viewing details and have an ability to show/hide business process flow area:

Taking example of Sample opportunity Business process flow here:


We can click the arrow like this and the business process flow area collapses:


This is how it finally seems:


What if now I want to even hide this stuff and use the entire area? Something like(I am clicking the checkbox here on the form):



And when I move away from the checkbox:


The good fact about this approach is that if value of checkbox is saved, It is kind of sticky form view if checked on form load along with on change events. Now, the script:

function showHideBusinessProcessFlow()

{    if (Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“new_showbusinessprocessflow”).getValue() == true)

    {       $(“#header_process_d”).css(“display”, “block”);    }

    else    {           

  $(“#header_process_d”).css(“display”, “none”);



Note: This is unsupported script and might break with future Microsoft updates.

Hope it helps!


One thought on “{Tips and Tricks}Show/Hide Business Process Flow in CRM 2013 Form

  1. Oh Boy, If you could have post this 3 months ago, i was looking for this customization… However, i achieved writing similar.

    Blog more with good stuffs and complex customizations 🙂


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