{WorkAround}Dynamic URL in Email using Workflow in CRM 2013: Record ribbon not loading

Recently, we faced a strange issue in CRM 2013, we were using workflow to send notification emails and embed dynamic URL for the record

.Once user clicks the record using the dynamic url in email, it will open the record but form ribbon and sitemap area was not loading:


On digging, we found in our case Dynamic URL was embedding extra / in the URL:


Hence, as a workaround load following script on the form load which fixed the issue(only pain is record seems to refresh for extra time, when user has opened the record via email link):

function onLoadURLCheck()


var url = window.location.href;
if (url.indexOf(‘//main.aspx’) >= 0)
url = url.replace(“//main.aspx”,”/main.aspx”);
window.location.href = url;


This fixed the issue for us:



Note: This is unsupported script!

Hope it helps!


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