{Quick Tip} Minimum privileges required to install Dynamics CRM On-Premise

Just finished installing CRM on-premise and was trying to document minimum privileges required to install CRM here.


The minimum permissions/rights for a user which can act as deployment manager, that is he/she is able to Create, import, Enable, disable and edit an organization are as follows:

I have breakdown required permissions component wise.

SQL Server:

On the computer that is running Microsoft SQL Server, the user must be a member of the following groups:

  • The local administrators group
  • The Microsoft SQL Server administrator group (i.e,SysAdmin)

Reporting Server:

On the computer that is running SQL Server Reporting Services, the user must have the following minimum privileges:

  • Content Manager Role privileges at the root folder level
  • System Administrator privileges at the site-wide setting level

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server:

On the computer where deployment manager is installed the user must be member of following group:

  • The local administrators group
  • Add the user as a deployment administrator.

Active Directory service:

The user must have permissions in the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM security groups in Active Directory:

  • PrivReportingGroup
  • PrivUserGroup
  • SQLAccessGroup
  • ReportingGroup
  • UserGroup   

       Below are the required permissions in the security groups:

  • Permissions
    • Read
    • Write
    • Add/Remove self as member
  • Advanced permissions
    • List Contents
    • Read All Properties
    • Write All Properties
    • Read Permissions
    • Modify Permissions
    • All Validated Writes
    • Add/Remove self as member

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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Thank you note for 300+ Followers

Today, I am posting a special thank you note to all my followers, readers and kudos to you for making this milestone happen for me.


In 2010-2011, I started my journey with this awesome product and in 2013 writing some articles on Dynamics CRM, developing some tools in my spare time and doing some trainings on it. Getting involved with various kind of experiences on Dynamics CRM.

This blog has over time been a keen source of inspiration for myself to keep learning, sharing ideas and connecting with some great minds. 

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